yes I am a bit Dense!

  londonknights 08:58 05 Oct 2004

Hello everyone. can someone tell me if I can put video tape on to dvd easily and what i need to have. I have a PC....think thats a start!
I have loads of sport vhs videos .mainly Ice Hockey that i want to put to DVD cos the videos wont fit in my CD-rom..... only kidding. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


  Sapins 09:03 05 Oct 2004

"UP THE HAMMERS" please no bad language;-)

  londonknights 09:05 05 Oct 2004

cheers sapins..... see you have no taste!.
have a good day m8

  Sethhaniel 09:13 05 Oct 2004

Aerial lead from Video to WinTV (coming down in price??!!!) then play video through WinTV with record activated - need big hard drive as 5minutes was about 200mb last time I tried ;)

  Sapins 09:13 05 Oct 2004

See, I have taste!

As to your question, you can do this very easily, I have transferred LP's to CD's but I'm not sure which cables etc; you will need to connect your VCR to the computer, hang on and someone will give you all the info you need.

See you in Europe sometime!!!

  Sapins 09:15 05 Oct 2004

Please type a little slower so I can get my post in the right place ;-)

  temp003 10:25 05 Oct 2004

It depends on what you already have on your PC.

You need (1) a way to connect the video source to the PC (2) software to capture the video on to the computer and convert it to a DVD burnable format (3) DVD burner.

For (1), it can be a dedicated capture device which takes in your video. It can be a PCI card or external. It will usually come with the necessary software and you don't need to worry about what software to get, but check what software comes with it.

Other devices which has a video in will do, such as some graphics cards (e.g. ATI All-in-Wonder cards), or even some TV tuner cards.

For (2), make sure that it can capture the video and convert it to DVD. If you already have some sort of capture device, or a DVD burner, you may have part of the software needed.

If you need to buy, there are too many options, such as Cyberlink's PowerProducer, Pinnacle Studio, Sonic My DVD, Ulead MovieFactory.

(3) is obvious, but if you have it already, check what software you already have.

  londonknights 12:11 05 Oct 2004

Thanks for all your help....

Up the Hammers!...........

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