Yellow triangle wifi (but only one 1 device)

  MissLisa1992 12:03 08 Feb 2018

Here's a rundown of what happened:

1) At first all devices suddenly stopped being able to connect.

2) Then, phones and iPad could connect but only to the main router.

3) The mac on the 1st floor now connects.

4) Mobile devices can connect to both main router and wifi extender now.

5) PC on 2nd floor cannot connect to either main router or the wifi extender (yellow triangle but wifi is detected).

Any help appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:20 08 Feb 2018

Uninstall and reinstall the diver where you have the yellow triangle.

  MissLisa1992 22:29 08 Feb 2018

I'm looking at the driver on this site:

click here never seen a driver like this. It's all in text and I'm very confused about how to install it.



  MissLisa1992 01:20 09 Feb 2018

Managed to uninstall then reinstall

'Intel (r) Ethernet connection (2) i219-v'

And my wireless network adapter too in device manager. No change.

  beeuuem~2 01:35 09 Feb 2018

If you gave system restore running, restore to a time when all worked on the 2nd floor PC,

  MissLisa1992 18:06 09 Feb 2018

That did it! Thanks for saving me again!

  beeuuem~2 20:20 09 Feb 2018

You are getting good at this !

Many people - me included - have spent many happy hours looking for faults without thinking of system restore.

  beeuuem~2 21:18 09 Feb 2018

PS Could you tick your threads as answered - pretty please ?

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