Yellow screen

  Quogirl 23:09 29 Oct 2006

My monitor has gone all yellow, as if it has jaundice! Any clues?

  skidzy 23:24 29 Oct 2006

Have you tried another monitor to see if this one is faulty ?


If xp windows,try System restore:Start/All programs/Accessories/scroll across to system tools and system restore,now restore my computer to an earlier time.

Alternatively look in device manager for any yellow exclaimation marks.Start/right click My Computer Properties/Hardware/Device manager and look under Display adapters and Monitors.If you find any yellow exclaimation marks uninstall them via a right click and reboot the pc,xp will load the drivers.

If none of these helps post back.

  Ashrich 23:25 29 Oct 2006

Check your monitors connection to the graphics card , in fact undo it and take it off and check for any bent pins , if all Ok , plug it back in again , firmly but do not force it and screw it down properly then try the monitor again . Check display settings on the monitor itself ( the little buttons on the bottom or side ) to see if the colour settings and colour temperature are roughly correct , you may have an auto button for configuration , try pressing that , if it is on a dial look for one that says " reset " or similar .


  Quogirl 06:52 30 Oct 2006

Tried the system restore, but no change!
Will try another monitor if I can and the fiddling with leads. Can't see how the pins can be bent when the thing wasn't touched. I left it for an hour or so and came back to find it yellow!

  Technotiger 06:59 30 Oct 2006

Hi, it might simply need de-gaussing - lots of other usefull info here too,

click here


  johnnyrocker 09:58 30 Oct 2006

sounds to me like you have lost blue output, try reseating graphics card but i suspect the problem will more than likely be on the tube base, connecting cable to monitor needs checking for good contact at both ends ( you wont have bent pins )


  Quogirl 16:43 30 Oct 2006

I would deGauss if I could get the monitor menu on screen. Whatever has happened has made the menu screen all black!

  skeletal 17:02 30 Oct 2006

There is the assumption here that you have a CRT monitor. There is no degauss function for LCD.

However, degaussing (a CRT) will almost certainly have no effect on your problem (at least by my understanding of the problem as described).

“…has made the menu screen all black!” I assume you mean the monitor’s menu screen; i.e. the screen that can be accessed by pressing buttons on the monitor, rather than from a Windows applet?

If so, and this has changed colour/disappeared it is looking very likely that the monitor itself has broken (including faulty connections inside monitor).

Other than that, as others have said, loose/dirty connections on signal lead to monitor, or similar with graphics card.

Best bet is to try another monitor. I bet another will work OK (Note: this last statement is guaranteed to make the problem something else entirely!).


  skidzy 17:11 30 Oct 2006

"Whatever has happened has made the menu screen all black!"

Have you tried to boot into safemode ?

Tapping F8 on startup will get you to safemode where you will be given some options.If it boots into safemode and the monitor works ok, it is your settings that have been changed somehow.

Once into safemode (if it works) select Last Known Good Configuration and reboot.Hopefully this may cure your problem if the monitor works in safemode.

  rodriguez 18:34 30 Oct 2006

I had this happen to my monitor - it went red. This wasn't a tube problem strangely enough, something went wrong with it's colour configuration. I had it set on 9300 in the colour management, which should make it look normal, however it must have got corrupted somehow so the 9300 preset was just 100% red. So I changed it to 6500 the colour went fine. So if the menu on the monitor is black, but you can still read the writing, try going onto something like Colour Managment and changing the preset to another one.

  rodriguez 18:36 30 Oct 2006

BTW my monitor is made by GNR and is a 17" CRT just in case yours is the same and has the same fault.

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