yellow marks in device manager

  march 16:42 18 Mar 2009

Hello can someone tell me if I have a problem please/

Have medion e3300 running vista

In device manager, under network adaptors,
I have all with yellow exclamation marks on them

6T04 adapter
6T04 adapter
Microsoft 6to4 adapter #21
Microsoft 6to4 adapter #32
Microsoft 6to4 adapter #39
Microsoft 6to4 adapter #50

can anyone tell me how to get stop it happening or why it does please? I am sure there is nothing wrong with pc.

The last one was from this morning they seem to be increasing I get a box come up saying ‘installing drivers for new hardware’ but have not installed anything,

then everything works ok, click on properties to find solutions from Microsoft & got this

This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)
Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.

The driver in use is ‘realtek RLT8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E GBE NIC & all seems to be ok with it.

  Graham. 17:08 18 Mar 2009
  march 17:36 18 Mar 2009

read the link but I have the latest update for the realtek, have you any other thoughts please?

  iscanut 18:11 18 Mar 2009

This rather lengthy exchange might help
click here

  march 18:39 18 Mar 2009

thanks iscanut
followed link & have

WAN miniportIPv6 network & under properties it says the device is working properly so I guess that means its 'deployed'?

but it doesnt really say how to fix it does it? or have I missed something?
all seems to work ok for internet

just a big puzzle why pc trys to install drivers for something, then says it cant install, but all works ok

  sharpamat 18:56 18 Mar 2009

there are afew ways to try, first you could deleat the items, then reboot and see if the check marks are still there,

You can go the Device manager and update the drivers.

Or have a look at uniblue driver scanner

  march 19:03 18 Mar 2009

it's ok to delete them is it sharpamat? does this mean they will reappear(not sure if thats the right terminology ) if they are needed when I reboot?

  march 19:29 18 Mar 2009

will leave open; have to go to work; will check back tomorrow thanks so far to all & thanks in advance to anyone else who posts

march x

  BRYNIT 23:24 18 Mar 2009

If you delete from device manager and reboot windows should be able to find the correct drivers. Or if you select update driver and select search automatically for updated drivers.

If windows cannot find the drivers because they are missing/corrupt. look on your hard drive for a folder called drivers.

Medion computers usually have a folder with all driver required. Also supplied on one of the disks. Or you can download drivers from the Medion web site.

  march 10:24 19 Mar 2009

morning all

BRYNIT have clicked on update drivers & get 'the most up to date drives are installed for this device'.
I'm not really sure why the adaptor is in device manager I thought the realtek would be my adapter but I don't really understand how networks work (sorry if that sounds doubledutch)

have clicked on disable to see what happens but am wary of messing up pc.

  march 17:01 19 Mar 2009

I disabled all the following
6T04 adapter
6T04 adapter
Microsoft 6to4 adapter #21
Microsoft 6to4 adapter #32
Microsoft 6to4 adapter #39
Microsoft 6to4 adapter #50
then when I rebooted in device manager there appeared

'unknown device'
after a few seconds it disappeared.all seems to be working ok so can I safely uninstall/delete all the 6TO4 adaptors or should I just leave them disabled?

just as a note, under 'device manager', view, show hidden devices,
there is a list of the 6TO4 adaptors (52 in all)

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