"Yellow-envelope" hitch

  end 14:51 10 Nov 2004

just to be aware that the" yellow-envelope" system may not deliver to the intended recipient; some of mine have gone "interestingly astray", as I have just learnt today; members need to be cautious ; my language in one of mine would have been "recognised" by its intended recipient, but not by the actual recipient:(

and also explains why the intended recipient failed to respond :(

the joys of computing::)

  Diodorus Siculus 14:55 10 Nov 2004

Yes, I have received a few that were not meant for me - clicked through from threads to which I had not posted.

  TommyRed 14:59 10 Nov 2004

I got one from a guy who was ready to design my website for me, must have come from the WebDesign forum. BTW haven't thought what sort of site I would want, as of yet. TR

  Smegs 15:17 10 Nov 2004

Never mind mate. It common. When I wrote a THREAD like this, I got a ticking off from F.E.

  end 21:18 10 Nov 2004

I suppose that, as even my own web-based e mail server is feeling a bit sick a present, and declining to even send my e mails,, maybe the forum system has "come out " in sympathy;

now there"s a thought; computers having a trades union::)))

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