Yellow envelope

  wallbash 15:47 09 Jun 2005

Been using this forum for a couple of years ( visits nearly 2000)But have never PM someone. I know its frowned upon ( without the permission ) But have just had a short thread in the consumerwatch forum. about drivers for a Logitech mouse.At one stage we thought a more direct contact would be easier. But not sure how the system works. This is very likly a so simple question, but not one that I have tried

  colberly 16:02 09 Jun 2005

If you have the other persons permission to e mail them then you open their thread and click on the yellow envelope, this allows you to send them an e mail.

  Meshuga 16:10 09 Jun 2005

You should not email members direct without their permission. Questions should be asked on the forum so that others can benefit from the replies.

  wallbash 16:12 09 Jun 2005

Thought it might be as simple as that!
Could some one Pm me !!! I promise I will NOT reply

  dagwoood 16:12 09 Jun 2005

wallbash, further to colberly's post, your email addy will be shown to the person you are PM'ing when you contact someone in this way. I mention this a some people(and quite rightly to)are very protective of their email address.

  wallbash 16:15 09 Jun 2005

quote - Questions should be asked on the forum so that others can benefit from the replies.

I agree , but re the thread in consumerwatch , I had an answer! Some times a more direct approach is required ( otherwise why supply the yellow enevolpe in the first place?)

  pj123 16:16 09 Jun 2005

But it isn't built in stone. You can always try an email via the envelope. If they don't like it they will tell you. Personally, if I get an email via the envelope I always answer it and also post it on the Forum, so that all can see.

It is always best to post it on the Forum rather than use the envelope.

  p;3 16:24 09 Jun 2005

sometimes the message gets to the wrong person with novel results , as I discovered a while ago; do you want an envelope check?

one reason for not using it is that arguments and discussions need to be seen by all on forum, and some members have tended to try and discuss stuff off-forum completely inappropriately; I know of one thread where the replies have , apparently, been all done through PM"ing instead of the thread; not very good practice:((

you can always ask in the thread you are on for someone specifically to envelope you ; I and others have done that for specific reasons :))

  wallbash 16:25 09 Jun 2005

The answer I had,was the web address of a Driver for a Logitech mouse, I also had downloaded the driver and was offering to forward it to someone in need.
The thread was running on the forum, but both myself and the driverless poster!!were both being very polite ( to each other) In this case , a PM ( gladly sent /recieved) would solve a small problem.

It was just the mechanics I wanted to be clear of .

  VoG II 16:29 09 Jun 2005

The best way is to post on the thread "If you would like .......... please send me a message by clicking the yellow envelope next to my name".

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