The Yellow Envelope

  VoG II 21:28 27 Aug 2004

These e-mails are still going astray.

Please can I suggest that this service is suspended until the problem is sorted out? The message that I sent suggested that a member had done something. Clearly the recipient did not have a clue what I was on about.

  JonnyTub 21:30 27 Aug 2004

yes i also have had similar problems

  Smegs 23:11 27 Aug 2004

Well, I didn't want to say anything, as last time I did, I got a bit of a telling of.

A could of weeks ago, I had about 5 emails, nothing to do with me.

Then I tried to send someone a email, and it was sent back to me from some kind person from this forum, say it had been sent to them by mis-take.

I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  end 23:49 27 Aug 2004

Has F.E. been "made aware":(

I"ve had some myself, in the past few days, that I have been able to "make sense of" -just-but wondered why they had decided to e mail me in particular; in hindsight, I wonder if they are, actually "stray" messages:(

and where does the e mail that is supposed to "contact the editor" end up? if the system itself is "risky"? begs the question exactly how one does directly contact F.E.

  [DELETED] 00:06 28 Aug 2004

Oh dear, I hope that no one is suggesting that this Forum is less than perfect, after all it is FREE.

  Forum Editor 00:09 28 Aug 2004

and one contacts me by clicking on the 'Contact the Forum Editor' button in the normal way.

The other day we did suspend the email facility for a few hours, and a howl of protest ensued. We immediately reinstated it. I know that some emails have gone astray, but it's not that many, and we don't intend to suspend the system because of it.

There's a lot of work going on behind the scenes at the moment - all designed to keep the site running as smoothly as possible. If that results in a few misdirected emails I'm sorry, but it's not the end of the world.

  Charence 00:12 28 Aug 2004

oh! so others have also been having this problem...I thought it was just me clicking on the wrong name! Well I've also been experiencing these problems recently.

  end 00:27 28 Aug 2004

thanks for that; this forum is certainly "dynamic" and extremely busy:)

  VoG II 08:12 28 Aug 2004

I will reluctantly tick this as resolved. However, this is not the first time this has happened to me (and it has happened in both directions) and I will in future be using the yellow envelope with extreme caution, if at all.

The message that I sent last night was a three word quip to a member with whom I am in frequent contact. Fortunately, the actual recipient had both the good sense to realise that it was an error, and a sense of humour.

The intended recipient is jealously protective of their identity on the forum and I could have unwittingly compromised this. Personally, I have no particular concerns in that regard (visions of PCA hitmen turning up at 3am...) but others should be aware.

  spuds 12:03 28 Aug 2004

I would agree about the 'recipient is jealously protective of their identity'. The FE's usual flippant comment doesn't always answer the issue.

  Chris the Ancient 13:26 28 Aug 2004

I don't think that FE makes flippant comments!

I don't even think I'd like to do his job - up at all hours of the day and night trying to maintain a fair and sensible forum without being heavy-handed. And maintain his 'real' job at the same time! I am sure there would soon be many comments and fewer and fewer members if he ruled with a rod of iron all the time.

FE... For me, you're doing fine. Keep it up and don't change.


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