Yeldarb 12:44 20 Jan 2006

I have many many emails which I do not wish to delete ( in and sent) on my PC. This, of course slows the start-up, apart from taking space on my hard disc.

Where can I find instructions on archiving them to CD or DVD

All advice gratefully received

  PaulB2005 12:44 20 Jan 2006

How do e-mails slow your PC start up?

  Stuartli 12:58 20 Jan 2006

You can have hundreds of e-mails on your system and they would be the equivalent of a needle in a haystack - they certainly wouldn't affect bootup.

You need to look elsewhere to speed up your system - try typing MSCONFIG into Run and checking what is NOT required on bootup from the Startup tab.

  Yeldarb 13:04 20 Jan 2006

Many thanks Stuartli and PaulB2005.
Oh .... my mistake ...I thought it would ... but I stand corrected.

However, I would still like to remove the long lists of emails and archive them off computer.
Is this possible Yeldarb

PS Do you know the origin of the term "needle in haystack ?

  VoG II 13:12 20 Jan 2006

click here and scroll down to Backing up Selected Mail Folders

  Flying Teddy 16:18 20 Jan 2006

Bradley, oops I mean Yeldarb, here is a definition:

needle in a haystack - impossible search for something relatively tiny, lost or hidden in something that is relatively enormous - the first use of this expression, and its likely origin, is by the writer Miguel de Cervantes, in his story Don Quixote de la Mancha written from 1605-1615. According to Bartlett's, the expression 'As well look for as needle in a bottle of hay' (translated from the original Spanish) appears in part III, chapter 10. 'Bottle' is an old word for a bundle of hay, taken from the French word botte, meaning bundle. Brewer (1870-94 dictionary and revisions) lists the full expression - 'looking for a needle in a bottle of hay' which tells us that the term was first used in this form, and was later adapted during the 1900's into the modern form.

see click here

  Stuartli 16:27 20 Jan 2006

Brewer's wonderful volume is a permanent addition to most newspaper editorial departments' libraries..:-)

  Yeldarb 11:16 21 Jan 2006

Flying Teddy What an interesting answer. I have noted it well. But I heard it in relation to York Minster and surrounding trades. Unusually, the traders who set up around the minster tended to group themselves according to trade rather than mixed with others. Example :the cobblers were in one area, the bakers in another and so on. However a small needle industry was located in the same area as fodder producers. Hence " a needle in a haystack" ........... BUT . I still don't know how to archive my email folders onto external CD or DVD ! ! ! !

  PaulB2005 11:50 21 Jan 2006

Read VoGs link. Then burn to CD / DVD with your Burning Software.

Note : For next time the title box should have something to do with the thread. Not just your name. Yeldarb as a thread title isn't much use. Something like "Archiving E-Mails" would have been better.

  Yeldarb 13:38 22 Jan 2006

Thank you PaulB2005 - is this what you mean ?
I am new to this medium - I thought the title bar was to identify individuals - see above
I value your advice - will try out VoGs link today and will report back to you "Yeldarb"

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