sinbad1 19:47 04 May 2005

have recently removed spyware from my computer using a2 and spysubract.

startup programs in msconfig shows the above entry
c\windows\current version\system 32....software\microsoft\windows\current version\run.

I am unable to find any info on this entry, i have dissabled this in startup.

Does anyone have any idea what this is?

  sinbad1 19:51 04 May 2005

sorry the enty is ycozie not ycosie

  sinbad1 21:36 04 May 2005

i have managed to remove the startup entry in msconfig using regseeker ;but am still puzzled as to what it was anyone any ideas?

  Technotiger 21:42 04 May 2005

Hi, I did have a look elsewhere on your behalf but could not find anything about it, other than that Cozie is the name of several commercial items not connected in any way to PC's.


  sinbad1 21:52 04 May 2005

thanks i had no luck either strange one to be in startup.

i did get something on google ;but all in foreign language

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