Yanking out your Bell-wire!

  Esc4p3 11:50 14 Aug 2008

Has anyone tried this suggested "100% guaranteed" fix to increase your broadband speed/reliability click here ?

It is suggested to be legal as the bellwire is not needed in modern telephone installations. I would be interested if anyone here has actually tried this with any level of success.

  luthier 14:16 14 Aug 2008

I have seen this suggested before. Dipso on this forum suggested looking here click here which gives similar advice. I didn't try it myself at the time but Dipso was very knowledgeable and I'm sure it was good advice. If you make a note of the existing connections you could always reconnect should it go wrong.

  Esc4p3 14:34 14 Aug 2008

Hmmm, interesting.....I have been suffering random disconnections, hence my question.

ps. are you really a luthier? If so I have a question, is there a 'site' where you can search for you local Luthier?

  luthier 15:53 14 Aug 2008

I'm an amateur violin maker - I'm afraid I don't know of any site that allows you to search for your local luthier. A quick google search did not reveal anything either.

  Esc4p3 09:11 21 Aug 2008

Ok thanks (there should be a luthier .net, search for your nearest now).

Haven't had the courage to mess with my telephone wires yet, but will tick resolved unless I mess anything up, and will be back then.....

  jamesesw 16:06 10 Apr 2009

I found some simple instructions at: click here and it instantly fixed speeded my connection up about 1.2MBs - can't believe I've been suffering so long!

  Rayle 14:00 14 Apr 2009

Lots of help about that here click here

  chris15 22:48 03 May 2009

If you do not have an NTE5 master socket with a removable lower half or if your extensions are all connected using plug-in adapters or splitters, it is possible to disconnect the bell wire by the following method.

Cut a thin strip of electrical insulating tape 3mm wide and 40mm long and stick it lengthways along the plug that goes into your master socket. Place the tape so that it covers the two middle pins (3 and 4), but leaves the two adjacent pins (2 and 5) exposed. Wrap the tape back along the other side of the plug so that it is stays in place when inserted.

See photo at click here

This will disconnect the bell wire, without the need to cut or remove any wires. Check that the phones still ring OK. If a problem arises the tape can be easily removed.

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