YAMA 21:21 17 Feb 2003

can any one help with this problem.
xp professional.... need to change the master or host..to conect through the other computor.. get rid off the bridge on one computor and add it to this one...has to do with the ethernet adapter..and TCP/IP, thanks

  PA28 21:57 17 Feb 2003

Is this an anagram or riddle? Please rephrase this YAMA so that we have half a clue what your prob is. Then we'll have a go at it!

  VoG™ 22:13 17 Feb 2003

"Please ensure that your thread title accurately describes your subject" !!!!!!!!

  VoG™ 22:19 17 Feb 2003

I see that this is related click here

If you can try to explain your problem more simply I'm sure that somebody can help you.

  jazzypop 00:51 18 Feb 2003

Do you mean that you currently have PC 'A' and 'B' connected via ICS to the Web? And that currently PC 'A' is connected to the modem, and you want to change them round so that PC 'B' has the modem?

If so, simply make any hardware changes that you need to make, then run the XP Network Wizard on the new 'host' PC. Make the floppy that it offers at the end of the Wizard, and run that floppy on the second 'client' PC.

It should be as simple as that :)

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