YahooMail Bouncing - not delivering

  Patr100 11:46 19 Sep 2005

Lately messages from Yahoo groups I have subscribed to are "bouncing" and I find I am not receiving any Yahoo mail - tried a test message which after a day or so came back with :

"Can't open mailbox for [email protected]. Temporary error
//I'm not going to try again; this message has been in the queue too long."

If my ISP were blocking emails from Outlook Express I would have hoped I could still pick up via the web interface but no new messages - not even spam - have appeared. I have more tha one Yahoomal email address and all appear to be dead of late.

Any ideas?


  wee eddie 12:31 19 Sep 2005

I gather your Yahoo mail is being delivered to your Outlook Address.

Are you sure that it is not still being left on the Yahoo Server. Try logging direct into Yahoo and seeing how full your box is.

  Dennis1 12:36 19 Sep 2005

Reading his post again, I get the impression he's already done that.

  wee eddie 12:48 19 Sep 2005

I was not checking for new mail, but how much mail was stored on the Server.

I have 3 Folders and 0.4Gb of mail stored in them. If I had reached the Account's limit, 1Gb or whatever, that account would start bouncing.

  Patr100 12:48 19 Sep 2005

yes, I have. There's very little in online help section at Yahoo for this problem.

  Patr100 12:51 19 Sep 2005

Whe I log in my Yahoo inbox and other eg bulk are completlely empty . no messages at all.

  Patr100 12:59 19 Sep 2005

Its just one particular email account with the problem - Ive just set a test mesage to my two other Yahoo email addresses and they have got through OK.

  Patr100 18:31 30 Sep 2005

I emailed a Yahoo a few times - they kept saying it was transitory problem but they must have done something as seems to be OK now - I have been able to reactivate my Group notifications and mail is gettign through.

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