Yahoo spoof email - Elsso

  MFL 20:50 17 Sep 2009

emails have been sent purportedly from my wifes account (to everyone in her address book) recommending a company called She has not sent these and I assumed she has a virus on her laptop. She points out there her address book is not on her Laptop but on Yahoo. So is this a problem with Yahoo?

  morddwyd 20:58 17 Sep 2009


If any spammer had hacked into Yahoo's mail servers the implications would be on a global scale.

I regularly get messages (I'm also with Yahoo) from myself, recommending companies and products I've never heard of.

  Elleypelley 09:37 22 Sep 2009

I also had this happen to me at 5.22am on a 'dormant' yahoo account.

Messages have been sent to a selection of contacts from the address book stored on Yahoo servers.

I haven't logged on to it either directly or remotely for over 2 years. I don't POP it. I struggled to remember the password this morning.

The only reason I know it was breached was because I have a 'forward' set up to my gmail account and received some delivery failure reports.

The gmail account these messages were forwarded to was ALSO used at 5.21 this morning to send the same message to a selection of contacts.

However I have another gmail account that is untouched. I POP the two gmail accounts to a laptop. All three accounts have different passwords.

I am utterly baffled as to how this has happened and how to stop it.

  I amnogeek 05:50 02 Oct 2009

I also think this scam has something to do with a breach in yahoo security. I thought I had received a genuine email from a respected collegue with a yahoo account telling me that she had bought a top quality Mac 17" Pro laptop for £480 and had received it very quickly and it was first class. I too was looking for a simliar computer but the price in the UK was more like £1800. Greed got the better of me and I ordered with delivery details etc and was asked to send money by money transfer -like Western Union to some bloke in China. Alarm bells rang and I wrote back saying I need to cancel but keen on getting emails in broken English asking me to pay up in 3 days. Thinking about it in retospect Elsso is an anogram of eLoss! Clearly a fraudulent site- how can we get it closed before many more fall victim.

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