Yahoo slow loading

  exprog 13:04 13 May 2007

Sorry forgot to add, that I have no problems with Google or other sites (ie Favourites)

  Taff™ 13:16 13 May 2007

I was trying to set up a BT Yahoo e-mail alias for a friend yesterday and it was diabolically slow - in fact we gave up after several "IE unable to display" pages. I managed to complete the exercise first thing this morning but not without similar problems. All other sites were fine so it`s a problem with the BT Yahoo site.

  exprog 13:19 13 May 2007

Thanks Taff

I thought it was BT Yahoo, as I can use other sites without a problem

  Taff™ 13:20 13 May 2007

Better mark your other thread as resolved and stick to this one! There will be others who may comment.

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