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  PurplePenny 23:49 04 Sep 2004

Hi folks, I run a support group for people with Hyperthyroid cats. It is a Yahho group so to join the group one has to join Yahoo, the messages can be received via e-mail so having joined one need never go to the Yahoo site again.

A guy wants to join but is reluctant to sign up to Yahoo as he is paranoid (his desciption) about spyware and adware having had his PC messed up by them recently (required a reformat).

I read the Yahoo privacy policy which is completely upfront about the fact that they use cookies to track what you do and where you go on their site and pass that information on to their advertisers. I explained to the prospective member that Yahoo has to have advertising to remain free and our group could not continue if it did not have a free host.

I know that Yahoo has been critisised for the fact that their adware blocker doesn't automatically block anything from their own advertising partners .... but then they wouldn't get much revenue if it did would they?

I've never heard of anyone having problems with spyware as a result of joining Yahoo, and I can't see why anyone would, but I said that I would post on here and see whether anyone had heard anything to the contrary.



  Diodorus Siculus 17:40 05 Sep 2004

The Yahoo privacy policy is honest and upfront; signing up for a Yahoo account is fairly simple and easily done. Clearing out cookies is also. Blocking ads is just as simple: click here

  PurplePenny 20:19 05 Sep 2004

Thanks - I'll pass on the article about using the Hosts file - I hadn't thought to tell him about that. I've told him about Yahoo's privacy policy and their use of cookies. I've also told him about using anti spyware and adware software but he is still concerned that if he joins up to Yahoo adware and spyware will find its way onto his PC.

I don't think that he has anything to worry about but said that I would come on here to get confirmation.


  PurplePenny 23:19 06 Sep 2004

Anyone else got any comments? Does the lack of replies mean that you all agree with me - that joining Yahoo does not pose any threat from adware or spyware?


  PurplePenny 23:43 06 Sep 2004

Thanks VoG - I don't think he'll worry about Yahoo weather - he is only going to join Yahoo so that he can sign up to my Feline HyperT support group.

I shall report back to him that he can join up without fear :-)


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