Yahoo prob, homepage-hijack or Opera setting?

  PurplePenny 23:53 07 Feb 2004

This afternoon I changed a setting in my Opera preferences so that it didn't automatically redirect. I was just curious to see what happened.

This evening I opened Opera and to my horror my homepage showed only the line "Shouldn't you be somewhere else?". What should have been there was the "pending members" page of my Yahoo group. I could go to other sites and I could get to my group's homepage but whenever I tried to go elsewhere within the group I got the same message. I went to the Yahoo Groups homepage and found that I couldn't link anywhere from that at all.

At first I though that my homepage had been hijacked but Spybot showed all clear as did AVG (both are up-to-date). Besides all was well earlier and the only places I have been are yahoo. PCA and my ISP's webmail (to get rid of spam before it downloads).

Then I wondered whether it could be the changed setting. I set it back to the way it had been and sure enough I was able to go to the members-pending page. Mystery solved I thought.

BUT then I thought that I would check again so I reset the preference to no redirects, shut down Opera then reopened (to duplicate the original circumstances). This time it *did* go to the members-pending page with no strange message.

The only thing that makes me think that it may be a Yahoo problem is that I sent an e-mail to the moderators of the group to ask them to check the pages. That message was returned by Yahoo Groups saying that I was posting to a group that didn't exist!

I've done a search or two for the wording of the message (in virus encyclopeadias and general searches) but nothing untoward has turned up.

Now I'm completely confused. If it was the redirect setting on Opera why didn't it happen again? If it was some malware or spyware why hasn't it happened again? It does seem more like a Yahoo problem doesn't it? I would e-mail them but that is usually a wasted effort.


  Chegs © 00:49 08 Feb 2004

I have read thru your post,interesting though it is(I had Opera grief of my own from playing in Preferences)I dare not repeat your settings. ;-)

I sorted my probs by removing/reinstalling Opera,as yours is not misbehaving still,you need not do this.

This will also pop it back to the top.

  powerless 05:34 08 Feb 2004

I'll put it down to a "Ones of those things".

  PurplePenny 20:24 10 Feb 2004

I tried it on a PC at work. Turned off automatic redirect in Opera preferences, went to a (different) Yahoo Group home page ... and got the message "Shouldn't you be somewhere else?" again.

Turned redirect back on, then off again .. this time no strange message.

Looked on Opera Forums but didn't find anything. Can't help feeling that as a redirect message it leaves a lot to be desired - maybe it loses something in translation.

Oh well - at least the mystery is solved ... after a fashion!


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