Yahoo messenger and router firewall

  Blossie 15:53 14 Feb 2004

Now I have installed a router whcih has a firewall I can no longer connect to yahoo messenger. can anyone advise or help please?

  anon1 15:59 14 Feb 2004

What router is it? Have you checked yahoo help for info. I cant remember if there is a connection option with yahoo or not I gave it up long ago. Yahoo if my memory serves me well have a very good help facility so its worth looking there

  anon1 16:01 14 Feb 2004

sorry should have also asked what version of windows you using. xp has a built in firewall and if active along with the router you may be lucky to connect to anything much. What did you have before for a firewall? are you using cable or adsl? How many computers are connected to the router? lots of questions.

  Blossie 19:13 14 Feb 2004

Hi anon1. I'm using a netgear router and only have a laptop connected at the mo via a wifi connection. I have xp but dont have the software firewall enabled. I've tried the various things which yahoo help suggested none of which seem to work, although weirdly I did manage to connect this week but now I cant again and I cant think wahts changed. Unfortunatley I know little about the set up of the firewall on the router as a friend did it! any suggestions gratefully received!

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