Yahoo mails composeing opens windows live mail?

  Busta123 06:50 02 Dec 2013

when I go too compose email on my yahoo account windows live mail opens for me too compose one.why is this and how do I change it please.Im on windows 7.. ty.

  lotvic 10:08 02 Dec 2013

Is that webmail Yahoo (via your Browser) that you are going to to compose email?

A lot more detail would help, is it IMAP or POP, what are you seeing on screen, etc etc

  Busta123 19:17 06 Dec 2013

sorry its just my normal yahoo email as ive always done I click on compose and send .. but it opens a new window and windows live mail comes up. then even if I type a message thend send in windows live email .it gores back too yahoo email as sorry cannot send ..

  lotvic 15:22 07 Dec 2013

You need to give full details :)

We cannot see your pc or know what is 'normal' for you.

  Busta123 18:02 16 Dec 2013

what is it you want too know on windows 7.

  lotvic 20:53 16 Dec 2013

Step by step

You boot pc up into W7 then click on:

(put what program you open and what you click on and what comes up on screen)

  Busta123 22:50 18 Dec 2013

When on start up I have my homepager if I want too send a reply too a emailmits opens windows live email..thats what I don't want ittoo do I want use yahoo,like a ise too.ty.

  Busta123 17:53 30 Dec 2013

still no joy..

  lotvic 19:26 30 Dec 2013

Please do a google search for: 'email yahoo, wlm, pop3, imap'

When you see the results shown, you will then appreciate why I asked for full details of your present set up.

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