Yahoo Mail White Screen Of Death

  Sizzers 22:06 16 Jan 2013

For the past 3 days when I come to open my spam folder all that opens up is a totally white screen.

This has also intermittently occurred with my inbox and this is happening again now (looks a bit more permanent this time!) I use Chrome, have disabled all extensions, cleared everything there is to clear in the browser and turned everything off there is to turn off in Kaspersky.

This doesn’t occur using IE, so any suggestions what might be the cause of this? Many thanks for your suggestions.

  ook 08:31 17 Jan 2013

Same here. If I make the window smaller (left to right) I can see the mail for a while.

  Sizzers 08:52 17 Jan 2013

Resolved it by default!

The one other obvious thing I forgot to do (doh) was to re-install Chrome which I did in the early hours which cured the problem - that is until I changed the zoom and font settings back to my original preferences when the issue came back again.

I have to have these settings enlarged due to my eyesight and although I have no idea what has changed with Y Mail, reducing the “Zoom” setting a notch cured it.

  ook 11:50 17 Jan 2013

Thanks so much!

Yes it seems the 100 & 110% and 150% zooms work fine.

But there is a setting between 110 and 150 for which the zoom% is not displayed which causes the white box. Perhaps it is an error in Chrome not properly communicating the zoom level.

  Sizzers 11:57 17 Jan 2013

I have no idea but weird how it just came out of nowhere as I hadn't changed any text/font/zoom settings.

Anyway, sorted!

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