Yahoo Mail login problem

  Dannyb 21:58 16 Jun 2004

I use Yahoo mail. When it is not used for a while I usually have to log in again. However,as my user name is shown I just have to re-enter my password and all is fine - up until recently. Now, I have to go completely out of yahoo and come in again as a new user. It still shows my user name but will not accept my password unless I go right out and back in again. A real pain. Does anybody know why this may be happening when it didn't used to. I have windows 2000 and IE6.


  Simsy 22:28 16 Jun 2004

Yahoo have changed their service slightly... "upgraded" I think is the term they use...

It might be that the new version is getting in a muddle with a cookie associated with the old version.

Now I'm really clutching at straws with that, but you could try clearing your cookies and seeing if that does it??

Apologies if it doesn't help!!



  Dannyb 22:47 16 Jun 2004

Simsy, thanks mate, I've just done that and it seems to have sorted the problem.

  Simsy 10:59 17 Jun 2004

something I got right... and I didn't know what I was talking about!

Glad it worked.



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