Yahoo mail - go back to older version.

  swapper 08:07 02 Nov 2011

My friend, who uses Yahoo mail but not often, recently upgraded to the latest version, but found her address book has disappeared.

She is not too concerned about the address book because Yahoo can restore it (so they say), but she hates the newer version of the Yahoo Mail.

As she does not use it often, is there any way that we can restore it to the earlier verion and make her happy?


  Sea Urchin 09:37 02 Nov 2011

It seems you can no longer switch back - this is taken from the Yahoo Helpline

Can I switch back to a previous version of Mail?

Last Updated: 06 September 2011

We have removed the "Return to Original Mail" link from the help menu as we're strongly encouraging all users to migrate to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail. We will continue to invest heavily in the latest version of Yahoo! Mail, further improving it and delivering more compelling features to our users.

We know that changing to a new interface can seem daunting, so we’ve done everything possible to make the transition easy. We have created help pages specifically for users who have recently switched to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail, highlighting differences that you may notice:

  ams4127 15:13 02 Nov 2011

I'm becoming confused by this. I am currently using Yahoo classic without any troubles. What I have noticed is that their spam filters are allowing more and more through each day, despite me setting various rules.

I'll probably leave Yahoo very soon.

  Peter 15:29 02 Nov 2011


I have a link to Yahoo email, which I set up before the new email was forced upon us, and this link still allows me access to the Classic version of Yahoo email. I also have a link to the new version of Yahoo email, which gets me straight into the new version of Yahoo email. Both links are on the same machine and I can use whichever I wish without any apparent problem.

I also have an old machine running Windows 98SE and Internet Explorer Version 6, which doesn't support the new version of Yahoo email. When I try to connect to Yahoo email it is suggested that I update my browser, but I am also offered a link to the Classic version of Yahoo email, which works okay.


  swapper 16:25 03 Nov 2011

Thank you all, and thanks Sea Urchin for that info. Although she filled in the Yahoo form correctly to have the Address book restored, it has still not happened, is there any way that she can get it?

Am I right in thinking that it still would not be available if she did a "System Restore"?.


  Sea Urchin 16:50 03 Nov 2011

Yes, you are right. A system restore will only affect her system, whereas the email account is held entirely on the Yahoo website.

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