Yahoo Mail Forgotten Password

  flyinghaggis 18:35 11 Jan 2017

I have two yahoo email addresses one of which I know the password to but it requires that it sends a confirmation code to my other email address of which I have forgotten the password to. I changed the second address password on the advice of yahoo but for the life of me I cannot remember it.

I have tried various password recovery softwares - to no avail. Both these addresses are dependent on each other for confirmation and I do not have any other way to access the accounts - i.e. tel no. etc.

My question... does a magazine, forum contributer have a contact email address or telephone number for yahoo mail I can use in an attempt to resolve this issue?

  difarn 18:45 11 Jan 2017

Have you tried resetting password using the Sign-in helper which gives you the option of having an account key sent to a mobile?

click here

  flyinghaggis 19:19 11 Jan 2017

I have exhausted all of the sign-in helper options - the mobile option only works if you have set it up previously - which I haven't.

  difarn 19:25 11 Jan 2017

Have you tried the reset password with other options?

  flyinghaggis 19:34 11 Jan 2017

Yes. As previously stated I have exhausted all of the sign-in helper options. I have been trying for several months to find a solution without success. Hence, contact a computer magazine in the hope that they will have contact information i.e. email or telephone number that the general public won't have access to.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:02 11 Jan 2017

tried here?

click here

  wee eddie 00:18 12 Jan 2017

I suggest that you ditch them. Seems to me that you have been too clever by half.

What you appear to have created is a loop which is closed if you lose any of the entry points

  flyinghaggis 08:13 12 Jan 2017

@fruit bat - don't you read the posts before commenting? @ wee eddie - yes, but there should still be a point of contact don't see why I should ditch them - the company isn't mythical it is a physical entity with staff who themselves need to contact each other, why then is it so difficult for joe public to contact the webmaster/administrator to reset what to me are important accounts one of which I have had since yahoo first set up back in the day.

  difarn 08:50 12 Jan 2017

Have you tried the route highlighted under item 6 in this article where you create another e-mail account other than Yahoo?

click here came across this number. Any help?

click here


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