Yahoo mail vs .com

  gbinflit 16:05 23 Aug 2018

My Yahoo email ends I would like to simplify that to .com I have tried to open a new account ending .com, but the system just replies that a user already has that username. If I send an email to it is bounced back. Is there a way to do this ?? THanks

  Forum Editor 21:17 23 Aug 2018

"Is there a way to do this ??"

No, there isn't. Email addresses, like postal addresses are unique - you can't have two people with the same email address. Once someone has [email protected] that's it.

  gbinflit 09:39 24 Aug 2018

Yeah, I take the point. But I am getting conflicting messages. I am told that I can't have .com because it is already in use. But when I attempt to send an email to the .com , it comes back unknown address.

  Taff™ 11:02 24 Aug 2018

The address may be suspended by Yahoo for some reason - spamming, non-use maybe. It may become available again but there is a waiting period so don't hold your breath!

  besttechnews 06:36 17 Dec 2018

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  wee eddie 09:58 17 Dec 2018

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