yahoo mail cookie problem

  square eyes 20:56 22 Jun 2005

Hi, i serached the yahoo help section on this matter and had no luck.
I fear that maybe a trojan or something has interfered with my internet settings.
When i start yahoo mail, it usualy welcomes be back with my ID, i type in my password and off i go, but laterly it wlecomes me back with the ID as usual, but after hitting login it goes to the full login page which asks for my ID aswell.

Only a small matter but still annoying, please help, thanks

  octal 21:23 22 Jun 2005

Do you have a link to the page you sign in? I've just tried it and when I click on mail it takes me straight to the log in page. Also try clearing all your cookies out and start again, of course you'll have to re-enter you details again.

  square eyes 21:27 22 Jun 2005

Its the standard login screen, if you have checked to remember details, the login screen will only ask for password.
After typing the passord where it would usualy take me to my inbox, it will go the the screen you would get if you hadent checked to remember details.
still think its my internet settings, maybe a system restore, but dont really want to,

  octal 21:49 22 Jun 2005

If I've got this correct you sign in to this page first click here which then takes you to this page click here

It does look like a cookie problem, you could have one that's corrupt, try clearing them out, as I say, you'll have to re-enter your details again.

  square eyes 19:39 23 Jun 2005

Thanks for your response, appreciated.
Yes, thats exactly what happens, sorry for not describing it clearly.
After your 1st suggestion about deleting cookies, i did, so im now waiting for it to happen. There needs to be at least 48 hours or so before i'l know.

will let u know and hopefully will be able to tick this thread.

  octal 19:59 23 Jun 2005

That's interesting, what is the 48 hours about? I thought it should work straight away.

  square eyes 00:44 24 Jun 2005

I meant that u need to be logged out for quite a few hours before it'l ask for your password, so tomorrow i'll tell you what happened. e.g.

  jolorna 09:45 24 Jun 2005

i just use the page that shows on octal's second link which i have saved in my favorites you shouldn't even ned to go the the first link of octal's

  octal 12:28 24 Jun 2005

Oh right gotcha, its their security measure.

I must admit I'm the same as jolorna and use my second link which I keep in my bookmarks and save my ID and password in the password manager, so just two clicks and you're into your account. That way you don't have to worry about the cookies.

  square eyes 19:36 24 Jun 2005

Going to my mail today having deleted cookies before re-entering details last night, its taken me (by shuttle) straight to my inbox! Didn't even have to type in password. I guess deleting cookies did the trick.

If you have the will, i would appreciate a small description of password manager, i haven't used this, but it would be nice to store passwords other than relying on cookies as im in the habit of clearing cookies periodically(not sure why!)

thanks for all your help and to octal

  octal 19:47 24 Jun 2005

Glad its sorted.

You haven't mentioned which browser you are using, but I guess its Internet Explorer. I don't think that browser has a password manager as such, I stand corrected because I haven't got it on the system I'm using at the moment but you might be able to add one, some one will soon say.

I use Firefox and Opera and both of these browsers have a password manager, as soon as you type in ID and password for the first time a window opens offering to save the ID and password, all you do is say Yes.

Next time you visit the site Firefox enters the ID and password for you or Opera you us the 'Wand' to enter the ID and PW and away you go.

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