byfordr 09:07 15 Oct 2003

Yesterday I had a 90% full inbox on my yahoo account. (With 1000 odd mails) today it is almost empty...with only a few spam mails in it.

I haven't hit the delete all button, any ideas?

Yahoo problems? Virus?

  Jester2K II 09:13 15 Oct 2003

Some one may have used your address to send a load of spam out and maybe Yahoo has now cleared the returned messages out.

What were the 1000 e-mails about?

  byfordr 09:32 15 Oct 2003

They were mails I have kept over the years...not spam at all!

  christmascracker 10:08 15 Oct 2003

maybe you reached your limit - cant remember what it is at the moment

  christmascracker 10:09 15 Oct 2003

sorry, I didn't read your post properly :-(

  byfordr 10:16 15 Oct 2003

Thats alright! I don'th think that yahoo has a limit for messages (I've had that many messages for a few years) The mailbox was below 100% capacity. I know yahoo normally allow you to go slightly above this if a large mail comes in.

Its just infuriating to have a full inbox with emails that you want, then the next day nothing!

  MichelleC 10:18 15 Oct 2003

1000 seems a lot: You must have more space than the free 6mb. Maybe contact yahoo - they do have probs keeping up with demand and I can't get emails sometimes.

  byfordr 10:21 15 Oct 2003

I've logged a call with yahoo. The mails only took up around 5mb of space. I've had loads of mails in the inbox for about 3 years now, so I can't see why it would suddenly become a problem.
Why would it just clear the mail box?

  INTERESTED 10:22 15 Oct 2003


  OK Computer 11:52 15 Oct 2003

wonder if yahoo have started deleting old emails residing in there mailboxes, worth checking with them

  byfordr 11:57 15 Oct 2003

There was alot of recent ones...I'm sure that they would have put an alert up, or sent me a mail if that was the case.

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