Yahoo has stopped saving my username and password???

  laptopdunce 09:52 25 Jun 2013

I have just logged on to my yahoo mail account today, I have several from different countries as I use them in Holland, Germany, UK and Ireland. But when I started to fill in the username it would auto fill in the username after typing first character, and fill in the password (in black dot form) automatically, but now it doesnt do that at all, I have to fill in the ENTIRE username including the country prefix ( or etc.,) and it wont fill in the password for me - the whole homepage of yahoo looks different also, so my question is: Is this a new development from Yahoo? and if so, can I alter it so that it will auto fill in my username and password - as it does currently for my hotmail and gmail accounts - I really dont like this change on yahoo, if its not possible to get hte auto fill in back in I think I will have to abandon yahoo totally and only use other email providers - Honestly all these damn changes all the time and they NEVER do anything that is an "advantage" to the user!!! thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  wiz-king 08:07 26 Jun 2013


  laptopdunce 17:21 26 Jun 2013

what does that mean??

  Woolwell 17:23 26 Jun 2013

It means that he has moved it up by posting a response - "bumped it up" - so that your thread doesn't disappear.

However I don't use Yahoo so cannot help.

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