Yahoo Games Room - Help Required

  c-stretch 14:37 27 Jan 2006

I am trying to use my new laptop to access a games room on yahoo (Pool). When i click on the room the window opens as would do on my desktop, but instead of seeing a list of players etc, i just get a blank screen with a small cross in the top left-hand corner. Would anyone know why this is. Am i missing some software in order to display this screen. Or could it be the firewall?
Thanks in advance..

  Skyver 14:44 27 Jan 2006

Probably Java, test page & download links here

click here

  c-stretch 15:29 27 Jan 2006

Thanks Skyver
Working fine now.
Now if i can just remember to select the pocket when potting the black, i might just win a game against my mates!!!
Cheers again.

  Skyver 15:38 27 Jan 2006

No prob, glad to help - tick Resolved?

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