Yahoo email problem.Files have dissapeared!

  hiwatt 16:48 21 Oct 2014

Hi folks. I was trying to send some photos from my Yahoo email account.I dragged and dropped the folder containing the photos and it just vanished? What is also strange is that the folder has also vanished from my desktop and is no longer on my hardrive. I have looked everywhere in said email account but the photos/folder is not there.It didn't save in drafts or anything. I added the folder before entering the recipients email address,if this helps? Before it vanished it said something like "add to business something" but I only have the free account. I also can't find a simple way to contact yahoo for support. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with this. Thanks folks.

  hiwatt 20:48 21 Oct 2014

Hi folks.Any ideas where these pictures could have ended up?I did it again to see what would happen.I clicked on "attach file or drag and drop" and what happened was it was just outside of the attachment area but once again the folder has just disappeared from the desktop/drive and from the email account page!Surely they have got to be somewhere? I just can't work out what they are also disappearing from the hard drive too? Very strange,but I need to try and locate the original pictures. The second one was just an experiment with non important photos. Thanks.

  lotvic 22:37 21 Oct 2014

I'm just trying it out, but getting nowhere fast.

Created a folder on my desktop and put one text file in it.

Dragged and dropped the folder onto a new email compose in Yahoo Webmail.

It wouldn't let me drop it anywhere else but the highlighted drop window (got a red circle with red diagonal line symbol when on outskirts of drop window)

Email has now been stuck with the 'adding an attachment' ever-spinning busy circle for last 5 mins.

The original folder is still on my desktop and hasn't disappeared.

And now I noticed there is an email in the 'Draft' folder, so I opened it up to find in the body of the email it says "Yahoo Mail is having a problem retrieving the original email for reply or forward." don't know what that's all about

Now I notice there are 3 tabs at top called 'New message' so I've had a look at each of them and they all have "Yahoo Mail is having a problem retrieving the original email for reply or forward." in the email message part (where you would type your email message)

I reckon Yahoo webmail is very confused.

  lotvic 22:42 21 Oct 2014

Oh, I tried to delete the Draft email and it popped up a message telling me that it was still uploading an attachment.

I figure that was the Yahoo autosave to draft feature trying to work.

Well I've deleted all the extra messages and am just left with the original that's still trying to upload the attachment.

Will try again in a few mins.

  hiwatt 22:48 21 Oct 2014

Thanks Lovtic. The size of the folder exceeded 25mb which is yahoos limit but I can normally do use my yahoo mail(via dropbox)which is what I was trying to achieve. When I done it the second time I was dragging the folder into the attachment area but before as I was dragging it in it disappeared from just outside of the area before I could get it there.Again no drafts saved,nothing in trash,folders etc. How can it take the main folder from the desktop and just move it,and where to? I've been at this for hours googling it searching everywhere and came up with nothing.As I say before t vanished it mentioned about adding it to business something,but I don't have a yahoo business account? Really frustrating that it's took my original folder too.

  lotvic 23:49 21 Oct 2014

Yahoo webmail, for me, 'sticks' on 'adding an attachment' and never completes when I try to drag and drop a normal folder with files in it.

No probs drag and drop a .zip folder or an ordinary .txt file

The originals are still on my desktop and don't disappear.

The only way I got ordinary folder to 'disappear' was when I accidentally let go of it when near another folder on my desktop and it went inside of that one. (Found it when I had a look inside the other folder)

Long shot - do you have another folder on your pc with 'business something' in it's name? maybe you dropped (and moved) it in there.

  wee eddie 00:50 22 Oct 2014

I find it difficult to imagine that the Folder has totally disappeared and had to go Curling before I was able to post something very similar to lotvic.

If you can remember the name of any one of the Files within the Folder. It might be worthwhile doing a search for that individual File, looking to see if they have accidentally ended up in another Folder.

  hiwatt 10:15 22 Oct 2014

I find it difficult to fathom too.I have searched for all jpeg files and it has found them all except the ones that "vanished" There was no other folder on my desktop(just a couple of shortcut icons)or nothing named "Business" I have looked in every folder.They've gone! I did managed to contact yahoo though so hopefully they can shed some light on it but the folder has definitely gone from my drive.Strange!

  wee eddie 11:41 22 Oct 2014

Have you looked in the "Deleted Items" Folder?

  hiwatt 11:57 22 Oct 2014

Yes eddie.It's empty.Yahoo mail has deleted them or moved them somewhere on their server.I think the problem was that the folder exceeded their limit but yahoo have teamed up with dropbox which allows you to send larger amounts of data which is what I was trying to do but the folder started "blinking" then just vanished. Very strange.

  hiwatt 21:46 22 Oct 2014

I Found them.I did a "computer" search.I thought I had searched everywhere but I tried the advanced search which took ages and it found a folder that it seems yahoo had created with all sorts of strange file extensions in along with the folder.Anyway got them now.I couldn't rest until I figured this out. Thanks folks.

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