Yahoo email log in problem

  Silverstring 12:49 20 Oct 2004

When I try to log into my Yahoo mail account with Internet Explorer I immediately get a "download window" appearing on my screen with no time estimation on it. So I then cancel that and try and log in again. I then get taken to a page with this at the top "In order to protect your security Internet explorer has blocked this site from downloading files to your computer, click here for options" I have tried downloading the file but at the end nothing happens. The strange thing is my brother who also has a yahoo email account can access his yahoo email account from my computer with no problems. This has been occuring for over a week now.

I have contacted Yahoo who assure me there is nothing wrong and they can not replicate the problem. My ISP say it is a problem with Yahoo.

I have tried changing security settings, adding to trusted sites, switching the firewall on and off, using Netscape, clearing cache.

I would be very grateful if anyone could suggest some solutions because I am out of ideas. Thanks in advance.


  Mike2002 18:26 23 Oct 2004

Yes I've been having strange results for the last day or so. I log in, then get a blank page and nothing happens.
At the top of the screen it says:
click here=***etc
which looks like the login has been confirmed.
Then, in Internet Explorer, I click 'Home' and type in a new link to Yahoo, and the page opens directly to my Message List!!

Was begining to think it was my browser, but I'm baffled now.

  Mike2002 18:28 23 Oct 2004

Whoops - sorry - didn't realise that the link would show up as an activated' one!!

You get a blank page and nothing else - just like I do when I log in.

  Silverstring 18:36 23 Oct 2004

Hello there - I searched the archives here and found a simaler problem and solution to mine had already been posted.

I did what was suggested and it has solved or worked around the problem for now. I downloaded the "Opera" browser and it seems to work fine through that.


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