conrail 17:23 27 Jun 2005

running xp pro: after formatting and reinstalling, spybot comes up with the following error:
Error during check!: Xuron55 (Datei C:\WINDOWS\win.ini kann nicht geöffnet werden. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process) ()
there are no other problems, as it appears in German I have no idea what it is, searching for Xuron55 does not get anywhere, I am running spybotsd13, the only difference between before the format and after is I had Norton antivirus 2002, I now use System Mechanic Professional all suggestions gratefully acepted

  wolfie3000 19:28 27 Jun 2005

This is a common and known issue with Spybot 1.3. This is NOT a detection, it is a program abort.
My suggestion is to run spybot in safe mode by hitting f8 at startup
This should solve your problem

  conrail 15:14 28 Jun 2005

thanks wolfie3000, will try that

  conrail 20:47 02 Jul 2005

thanks wolfie3000, that worked fine, sorry about the delay but I have a job that involves going anywhere in the world at a moments notice

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