SuperSaiyan 14:33 27 Oct 2016

I'm not good with this sort of tech. I installed Xubuntu on my LENOVO G700 laptop. I followed a tutorial telling me switch to UEFI mode or something and to make laptop boot from USB. I put Xubuntu on my USB.

All seemed fine but now when I turn my laptop on I can't choose to boot into windows or Xubuntu its just always Xubuntu and a black screen saying grub and the only option on that screen that works is Ubuntu. It is such a bad install that Xubuntu did not even have the software centre and so I can't install anything.

Xubuntu works without having my USB in which is annoying as I would have preferred USB boot into Xubuntu otherwise default windows or windows and xubuntu showing side by side as a dual boot so I can select which one I want to boot into.

Please anyone help me get back into windows. I've read I need a windows 8 bootable usb iso. I was lucky to find on Xubuntu desktop a folder by the name of WINDOWS 8 OS. And it has files from when I used windows. I don't want to lose these files or programs. Please help!

  SuperSaiyan 17:57 27 Oct 2016

Anyone can help me with this please?

  BRYNIT 20:43 27 Oct 2016

You would have had to change the BIOS from UEFI to Legacy mode for your laptop to boot from any external USB or DVD drive.

It could be that Windows is set to only work in UEFI mode but at this time you still have the BIOS set to Legacy mode Windows will not work. Does your BIOS have the option Legacy + UEFI mode if so select this as it should allow Windows to use UEFI and Xubuntu to use Legacy mode.

If you BIOS only has UEFI or Legacy mode change it to UEFI and see what happens. If Windows boots and Xubuntu does not you will have to reinstall Xubuntu under UEFI mode there are instructions on the web on how to do this.

  SuperSaiyan 22:31 27 Oct 2016

Thanks for the reply guys!

Here are 2 pictures of my issue click here first shows options I have when I boot my PC. Second picture shows what happens if I click windows boot loader. My USB used to install Xubuntu was 2gb. It looks like their isn't enough space. Is that why there is no windows on my USB? Will I need more storage, please help thanks.


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