XPSP3 crash/freeze

  soulboy 16:34 27 Nov 2011

My PC had been crashing for a long time, usually (understandably, so I thought) when I had lots of progs open or had generally been expecting a lot from the machine. My hardware is mostly fairly recent (SATA mother board, AMD duo 4GB ram), apart from some of the internal HDs (Knocking on for ten years old). The crashing was a loud grinding/buzzing noise followed by blue screen. I got around to formatting the C: and righted a lot of problems, eventually got all my software re-loaded etc, then the problem camr back, not as bad but annoying. Same noise, but PC seems to come back from the brink of a blue screen then continue from where it left off. As I type, I'm thinking: 'I bet I need a new C drive.... Any ideas?


  rawprawn 16:39 27 Nov 2011

Sounds like the hard drive is on it's way out, backup what ever you can. Then run check disk

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:39 27 Nov 2011

What error number on the blue screen?

Blue screen view will analyse he fault for you

  rawprawn 16:40 27 Nov 2011

Sounds as though the HDD is on it's way out. Backup what ever you can, then run check disk

  rawprawn 17:08 27 Nov 2011

Sorry for the double post

  soulboy 17:23 27 Nov 2011

It doesn't actually get to the bluescreen since I formatted it. I can't remember what number it used to be.... Thanks a lot for both replies, I now have the inner strenghth required to go buy another one! lol

Thanks Again


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