XPSP2.........install or not?

  Acerak 13:26 09 Sep 2004

I use XP Pro and had auto update set to download automatically. I recently downloaded SP2 but I've heard so many bad stories about it such as PC's crashing and nurning after it was installed, that I don't really want to stick it on. Nor do I think I really need to as my current firewall/pop-up blockers seem to work just fine.
Anyhow, I'm just looking for advice - it's sitting on my task bar waiting for me to click install.
Another thing though, will I be able to get rid of it unless I install the thing. I thought I could just say no but every time I turn on again, it's there waiting for me.............

  Stuartli 13:44 09 Sep 2004

Yes, install it, especially if everything is working well.

Create a System Restore point, close down everything that is running and then install.

If you do, by any chance, have any problems you can uninstall SP2 from Add/Remove Programs or revert to the System Restore point.

You can use the Security Centre to disable XP's firewall and Pop-Up stopper (the latter also from IE's Tools>Internet Options>Privacy tab) as you desire.

I installed SP2 10 days ago and nothing amiss has happened to date (famous last words?).

  €dstowe 13:47 09 Sep 2004

I have had SP2 installed on 15 machines for several weeks now. They are all still behaving as they should.

  ventanas 13:50 09 Sep 2004

Installed on 37 machines and not one problem. As Stuartli says, it will be in add\remove if you want to get rid of it.

  Acerak 15:18 09 Sep 2004

Cheers folks - feel a lot safer now!!!

  THE TERMINATOR 16:36 09 Sep 2004

I have just got SP2 on disk from a mag, and I will do a system restore point BEFORE INSTALLING(even though a restore point is automatically made), so I have somewhere to turn back to if anything goes wrong....TT

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