XPSP2 problems

  hawthorn59 03:00 24 Aug 2004


My automatic updates just d/loaded what I thanks is XP service pack 2. It must have taken about 5 hours. Anyway a few problems.Unfortunately I didnt see your warning about restore points until now! But why is there a big deal about XPSP2? I didnt know there weere going to be problems. Anyway:

1 There is now a Windows Security Centre icon in the bottom right area of the taskbar. I dont know whether this is meant to be or if its there only because of the message it has which is:

Firewall : On
Automatic Updates: On
Virus Protection: On. Norton Antivirus reports that it is installed, but its
status is unknown.

I have Norton set to scan weekly. This message never came before. What can I do and can I get rid of the Windows Security icon?

2 My e-mails in Outlook Express tonight wouldnt show any images. It told me some pictures were blocked to help prevent the sender from identifying my PC !

3 On this page: click here (which I use frequently) images just refused to load.

Also I think my PC is running slower!!!

I've now turned off popup-blocker but a lot of absent images on the site as well.

Everything seems to be a bit messy.


  Djohn 03:10 24 Aug 2004

I haven't downloaded SP2 yet so can't advise with confidence. Don't worry about the restore point, if everything else fails you can remove SP2 from control panel add/remove programs or do a system restore as there will be one set from the last time you booted your PC.

Huggygy71 is on-line at the moment and he has been running SP2 for a couple of weeks so if he sees this thread he will talk you through the settings. j.

  rawprawn 09:39 24 Aug 2004

The Windows Security Icon is OK, it is just telling you it's staus click it and it will go away. It will only show when it has something new to tell you. Go into Control Panel and look at the Security Centre. I'm afraid I don't know about your other problems.

  blanco 16:30 24 Aug 2004

SP2 downloaded last night for me on XP Home but the time I had entered for install didn't seem to take effect.
This was no problem as the update icon informed me that it was ready to install and I just needed to start it going.
This was interesting because you could see the sequence of processes and, after collecting details of the current set up, it made a restore point before proceeding with the installation of the new files.
When I rebooted, the Security Centre recognized that I had Zone Alarm and up-to-date AVG active and so I have only turned off the pop up as I am happy with the Google bar one which has been running for some time now.
So far it has seemed pretty painless.

  TrustNoone 16:50 24 Aug 2004

Symantec have a host of information on there support pages to assit in managing the SP2 update click here

Good luck

  MIke 19:17 24 Aug 2004

My SP2 seems OK too. Just tried the link you supplied for IOL and its downloading fine, so I don't think SP2 is to blame. BTW I've noticed that pictures in e-mails downloaded with OE are blocked by default

  TomG 19:22 24 Aug 2004

A couple of tips I've picked up is to defrag your disk after download and to use the disk clean up tool

  christmascracker 19:33 24 Aug 2004

For your email piccies:tools, options, security - block images and other external content in HTML e-mail, untick the box.

For the security centre icon: security centre, on the left click on "change the way secirity centre alerts me" and untick the boxes.

Norton released an update to fix your issue with NAV

  blanco 19:48 24 Aug 2004

Further to my earlier post, I did have some trouble when I tried a full back up with Drive Image 7 which reported that it couldn't read the disk.
However, a search of the Symantec site led me to an update for this to 7.03 which was released earlier this year and once this was installed it worked again without problems.

  JackRussell 21:39 24 Aug 2004

I was invited this evening at about 1930 by Microsoft to download and install SP2. I was informed that the installation had been successful but on restarting, Windows would not load. All I could get was the screen asking to start in Safe Mode etc. After seveal attempts at `Nomal Start` and `Last Successful...` all to no avail, I settled for Safe Mode and did a System Restore at the point immediately before the installation of SP2. Since thenn I have been doing some reading on SP2 (and why I am on this thread) and have concluded that Microsoft can keep their SP2.

  hawthorn59 02:15 25 Aug 2004

I havent done any of the things suggested by all you good people yet, in fact I am just wondering if I should just remove SP2 as a good few people seem to be having some problems.

One reply told me that OE rejects pictures in emails, but this never happened till I installed SP2. Dont know whether that is good or bad!

Anyway still dont know what to do..!


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