xps 13 vs macbook pro 13 for computer science?

  onader25 12:49 07 Jul 2018

should I buy the upgraded XPS 13 with intel core i7 quad-core and 4k touch display and 512 GB SSD or the 13 inch MacBook pro 256GB SSD( mid 2017 version)? I mostly needed for college-computer science and watching videos/series.

  wee eddie 13:07 07 Jul 2018

Both are overkill.

Make your choice on the basis of which makes you One-up on the rest of your Peer Group

  bremner 13:21 07 Jul 2018

If they are similarly priced and you are familiar with Mac or are willing to learn - then one thing you may want to consider, is that the Mac will keep its value much better than the XPS

  wee eddie 21:19 09 Jul 2018

Sorry about the cynical reply

Ask the College what is the minimum Spec required to run the Software you will be using during your Course.

My guess is that both are grossly over specified.

Unless you plan to be working in Arts and Media, in which case buy the Mac, Windows is the default Operating System for the rest of us

  Forum Editor 11:44 10 Jul 2018

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