XP/ME problem

  Liza 11:49 07 Sep 2004

I started a discussion on this problem but cannot find the email because my computer is a mess! I wanted to install XP but it would not install on DOS so with ME on C:drive(80 gig) XP installed choosing d:drive(3 gig). Naturally space became a problem. Asked Magic Partition v5 to sort it.All it did was copy info into folders on C:drive and then said it was not ME compatible. So I reinstalled XP on E:drive(5 gig). This is fine but I now have ME (display is at 16 and wont go to 256 or higher), XP on d:(not working) and XP on E:(working). I cannot get at my ME files and also ISP. I could buy a Magic Partition version 8(£61)to transfer XP to C: but perhaps there is an easier solution? Help. Liza

  cga 12:23 07 Sep 2004

I cant follow exactly what you have done and what is where now but take a look at my notes in this thread before you try anything else click here .

Partition Magic 8 is, IMHO, a very good tool but it will not sort everything out and could get you into bigger trouble.

If you have a working Partition Magic (any Version) the use the freestanding disks to copy your ME partition into somewhere else that you can read from (if you have space).

  2neat 12:41 07 Sep 2004

Wow, sounds like an fdisk to sort this mess. Backup all required files and start again. Why do you want WINME on? Do you have 2 hard drives?

  hellred 20:29 07 Sep 2004

You can download a makeboot file from Microsoft and that would then allowe you to instal from boot, delete and create partitions and instal XP the reason you now have this mess is that XP thinks you wanted 2 Os on youe system.

The best is to reinstal now.

  Dorsai 20:44 07 Sep 2004

Gach. Gone a bit fubar.

I agree. Fdisk. Copy it all off the HDD, and start again. If things get messed up beyond a certian point, it's just snafu.

Anything really important not now avaliale?

  Liza 01:58 15 Sep 2004

Thank you cga. Your 'click here' and magic partition advice helped me sort out my problem.

  Liza 02:03 15 Sep 2004

Hi 2neat
I don't want ME but I was afraid to rely on my backups so didn't format my disk to instal XP. Just as well because the backup I did after Nero didn't work out. That inCD software doesn't seem to work for backing up on DVD RW. I will have to get on to Nero. However I managed to retrieve very important docs by making use of partition magic. Cheers, Liza

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