XP:Erratic loading of Startup programs

  Schopenhauer 07:31 11 Apr 2005

I have not had XP very long, so I'm not sure how it is supposed to behave. My problem is that I have various programs set to run at Startup, mostly to do with security like AVG, Sygate etc. The trouble is that not all of them start each time and the ones that do are different each time. This is something that has gradually got worse over time starting with the odd program not loading until now when only a couple do, (but not always the same ones).

Purely by chance, I found that if I Logoff and Logon again the missing programs suddenly appear. I have never had to bother with this logging on business before as I am the only user.

So now I know what to do, but why do I have to do it?

The only major change since I installed XP is the installation of an Ad Hoc wireless network to my laptop, (running Win98), but I cannot be sure that this problem coincided with that.

Any ideas gratefully received.

  ACOLYTE 10:40 11 Apr 2005

The programs may be loading and just the Icons not showing in the task bar,next time it does it
try pressing ctrl/alt/del and bring up the task manager and check to see if the programs have started and are running,if they are its just the icons that are not showing,i have had this in the past and it sorted itself over time.

  Schopenhauer 14:59 11 Apr 2005

I think you're right. Thanks I'll see how it goes.

  feb 15:16 11 Apr 2005

Hi Schopenhauer

Are you using XP Pro and are you talking about the system tray icons?

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