XPC SN45: All-In-Wonder 9600pro/9700(pro)/9800SE?

  rosewind 09:46 24 Oct 2003

I have decided to buy a Shuttle XPC SN 45 and build it myself, preferably with an ALL-In-Wonder graphics card since I want to use it to record TV programs on a DVD recorder. The XPC SN45 only have 2 slots for 1 AGP and 1 PCI card, so it would be nice if I wouldn't have to use both expansion slots for a graphics card and a TV-tuner card.

I am told that the Shuttle XPCs 200 watt power supply is insufficient for Radeon 9800 Pro graphics cards, and I have heard of compatibility problems between XPC Shuttle computers and Radeon 9700 (pro) cards. Finally, the biggest NVidea graphics cards , i.e. 5900 (ultra) are too big to fit in the XPC cabinet.

Which of the following ALL-In-Wonder cards will both fit in the XPC cabinet and work well with the Shuttle XPC SN45 computer?
PowerColour All-in-wonder 9600 Pro
PowerColour All-in-wonder 9700 Pro and 9700
Hercules All In Wonder 9800SE

Are there other graphics cards that I should consider? (I do not play video games, so perhaps buying a very powerful graphics card will be waste of my money.) I hope that someone may be able to help me make the right choice.

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