XP2700 won't run on KT3 Ultra 2 R

  The Transporter 10:23 27 Jun 2003

Hi all

I have the latest bios version 5.7 in my mobo and went from an xp2000 266 bus to an XP2700 with a 333 bus. The xp2700 willl run at 133mhz but once i put it to 166 for the fsb it just wont boot up.

I have pc 2700 ram, 2 x 512 mb and i have no ideas what the matter is.

Any ideas?

All answers greatly received

  The Transporter 12:08 27 Jun 2003

I had to go into the device manager and delete the XP2000 processor then on reboot it installed the drivers etc for the XP2700.


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