xp2600 problems

  [DELETED] 22:44 19 Sep 2003

i have just bought an athlon xp2600. It is running too low and in boot up and windows XP is "unkown CPU type." i have gathered i need to change the fsb to 166 as the chip has 333mhz fsb, i have changed it to this on my jumpers but the bios doesnt have a 166 option i have also been told i could change the multiplier but i dont have the option to in my bios. i have downloaded the latest version for my board but no change, any help would be appretaited.

  [DELETED] 23:12 19 Sep 2003

Try this click here, lukecarey, it should identify the processor you have.

  [DELETED] 23:16 19 Sep 2003

it says the core speed is 1.24hgz but my processor should be running at about 2.3ghz but theres no options in my bios which allow me to get it that high, is there somewhere i can download a bios which will have the options?

  [DELETED] 23:16 19 Sep 2003

If your BIOS dont support a 166MHz FSB then you have bought the wrong CPU as your mobo only supports a 133MHz FSB. If you managed to get your mobo to run on a 166MHz FSB the AGP and PCI buses would be running out of spec as your mobo wouldnt have the dividers needed so it would probably be very unstable.

The only way to change the multiplier would be to unlock the chip which isnt something i would like to have a stab at as it is very easy to kill the chip.

  [DELETED] 23:17 19 Sep 2003

an XP 2600+ on a 166MHz FSB runs at 2GHz not 2.3GHz BTW

  [DELETED] 07:02 20 Sep 2003

mine runs at 1.66ghz on 166mhz fsb

  [DELETED] 07:23 20 Sep 2003

Did you ensure that your motherboard was capable of using that grade of CPU before installing?

  [DELETED] 07:27 20 Sep 2003

And did you use CPU-Z? What model of CPU did it say you are using? Which Motherboard are you using?

  [DELETED] 07:32 20 Sep 2003

Athlon XP1600 tb, havent a clue what motherboard it is, i bought a barebone system from cubesystemz.com, says it supports up to 2400 so probably not the best idea me getting a 2600

  [DELETED] 07:40 20 Sep 2003

You say you've got a 2600, lukecarey, is Athlon XP1600 tb a misprint, did you mean Athlon XP2600 tb??

The Athlon XP1600 tb runs at 1.4GHZ on an fsb of 133

Looks like your PC wont support the 2600, if that's what you have.

  [DELETED] 07:43 20 Sep 2003

yeh i got a 2600, i have been reading some forums, if i unlocked the multiplier would i be able to get it up to the correct speed or would that just cause more problems?

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