XP2600+ over heats

  tony1160 15:16 20 Feb 2004

i have the xp2600 cpu and it seems to over heat,,,,should i have the 350power supply or should it be the 400?????

  Isargas 15:23 20 Feb 2004

The power unit should not affect the processor heat, however, I think that the BIOS front side bus clock speed should be 166MHz, not 100MHz (read it in a magazine). Hope you have plenty of fans.

  tony1160 15:25 20 Feb 2004

hi, its set to 166fsb---and also has a good fan + system fan as well now,, should i have a better power supply

  Microdot 15:26 20 Feb 2004

How hot does it run?

My 2600+ barton runs at 40-55C depending on its load.There is one extra 80mm fan fitted in the case.

Cheers de Art.

  tony1160 15:27 20 Feb 2004

mine seems to run between 55/60c

  Isargas 15:30 20 Feb 2004

I have a broadband modem, 2 usb pci cards, 2 fans, internal modem, computer on 24 hours, and mine runs at 59C. Power supply should not really affect prcessor temp. Do you have lots of applications running in start up, so that processor is working continually, or a VIRUS!! Saw that recently.. blaster worm kept processor 100% usage.

  Isargas 15:31 20 Feb 2004

55/60 is not hot.

  GuyR 15:31 20 Feb 2004

Tony, power supply not likely to be the cause of your problem.

You do not say if you have built/fitted the CPU yourself. When you attcahed the cooling fan is there a good contact between the CPU and the fan, ie a thermal pad or grease. These are used to eliminate any air pockets preventing the heat transferring away from the CPU. The thermal pad needs the protective tape removing to expose a sticky pad to get good contact.

Cooling fans if using more than one make sure one is set to blow the other to suck air into the case, you need to have a good air flow going through the case and over the cooling fan for the CPU

  tony1160 15:40 20 Feb 2004

system is self built,,,the cpu was fitted with gel by pc shop.i dont think the case is well vented ,both fans are at the back of tower

  961 15:58 20 Feb 2004

Why do you think cpu is overheating?

Temp you quote is ok

If you are unhappy fit one extract fan at back and one intake at front. There will also be one on cpu and one inside power supply

  Rayuk 18:14 20 Feb 2004

You could download MBM from
click here
You will then be able to monitor the temp of your case,if this is high you should consider putting extra fan in or better still swapping one of the rear fans to the front.

If you have 2 fans at the rear this is the wrong setup have a look
click here

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