cearve 22:03 21 Nov 2003

Could you please confirm what cpu clock speed I need to use for an AMD 2400xp processor when stting up the bios on an MSI KT4AV mobo. cheers

  MAJ 22:10 21 Nov 2003

It runs at 2GHz, cearve.

  cearve 22:20 21 Nov 2003

Sorry MAJ I may have misled you. The mobo asks for a clock speed to be set from 100mhz to 280mhz. Am i looking at 133 or 266 or what?

  Quiller. 22:25 21 Nov 2003

As MAJ says it should be 2.0gig.

That would be a fsb of 133Mhz and the multiplier set at 15. so 15 X 133 = 1.995 Ghz.

  dfghjkl 22:26 21 Nov 2003

i think you have a 266mhz cpu it will need to be set to 133,if it was a 2500+ or above it will be 333mhz so this is set at 166.i set up my kt4al this week,i got the info from msi web site

  MAJ 22:31 21 Nov 2003

bsod has it correct.

  cearve 22:39 21 Nov 2003

cheers guys. thats the info I need. Thnx

  Quiller. 22:59 21 Nov 2003

You were spot on. The clock speed of the xp2400 is 2.0gig.

  cearve 23:16 22 Nov 2003

Following on from my questions yesterday. I have now installed the XP2400 cpu on the MSI KT4AV-L mobo and loaded the mobo software. The bios default on the board for the cpu fsb is 100mhz, ( range 100 to 280 ). The system seems to be recognising the cpu as XP2700. Is this OK?

  BBez 00:19 23 Nov 2003

that the board FSB jumper setting is set to Auto. If it is just keep an eye on the temperature of the CPU (90c)

  cearve 12:22 23 Nov 2003

The temperature seems to be quite cool 47-49c. Is the bios ok at 100mhz. It is the defalt setting, but it can be changed in the bios if required. I'm not sure if I would need to change it to a higher rating for this Processor. Not sure what all this means. If it is running at 2700 I guess it must be ok. I did try it at 133mhz but it wouldn't boot up.

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