XP won't validate - what to do?

  Ian in Northampton 19:35 30 Nov 2014

Following Batch's suggestion in another thread, I decided to give Macrium Reflect a whirl. However, I fell at the first hurdle...

I've always had problems validating my installation of XP - I have no idea why, as I believe it to be genuine. however, I may have been misled. The upshot/outcome of this is that I've never upgraded past SP2.

That's never worried me too much. I understand the security risks, and take other relevant precautions, and so far I've been lucky.

However, over the past year or so, Skype no longer works because it needs SP3 in the latest release; Chrome will no longer access certain web sites because of perceived security issues - again, I believe this to be an SP3 (or lack thereof) problem. And now, I find that Macrium Reflect needs SP3...

I'm either going to have to upgrade to W7, which I really don't want to do, or upgrade my XP installation to SP3. Then, though, I know i'll be in a world of hurt with Windows Genuine Advantage.

Now, I've read in various places that there are ways of circumventing WGA. I'm not sure how legal they are, or safe come to that.

So, finally, to my question: does anyone have any insight into/experience of defeating WGA in a legitimate XP SP3 installation?

  spuds 17:12 02 Dec 2014

Have you thought about trying this method click here

  Batch 17:32 02 Dec 2014


Gave me a bit of a shock there with "Following Batch's suggestion in another thread, I decided to give Macrium Reflect a whirl. However, I fell at the first hurdle...".

I thought OMG (or words to that effect), what have screwed up now?

But seriously, if you are not inclined to resolve your XP issues other than for the purposes of using Macrium, I may still have my old, now unused, Acronis True Image V8 + licence key knocking around somewhere (in the attic?). That should work on XP SP2.

But if you are going to sort out you SP3 issue anyhow, you might as well stick with Macrium.

  bumpkin 18:06 02 Dec 2014

Also have XP Pro disc and SP2 if needed.

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