XP won't start

  Uncca 18:12 02 Aug 2011

I'm running windows xp on my pc. Now it won't boot up and says."Isass.exe-Unable to locate component" "The application has failed to start. because" what can i do?

  Nontek 18:20 02 Aug 2011
  birdface 19:20 02 Aug 2011

See if it will boot up in safe mode and do a last good configuration or a system restore.

  woodchip 19:35 02 Aug 2011

Can you get into windows in Safe Mode by tapping F5 as PC is starting up?

if so check this out

Click Hear

  Nontek 21:20 02 Aug 2011

XP - safe mode is via F8, not F5.

  woodchip 22:06 02 Aug 2011

F8 and F5 is for safe Mode. on old win98se F5 took you direct to safe mode as will some XP PC's

Nontek Don't say anything unless you are sure about what you say

  Nontek 22:33 02 Aug 2011

I am 100% sure about XP and F8 for safe mode.

Where did the OP mention Win '98?

  northumbria61 23:34 02 Aug 2011

100% certain for XP and F8 for safe mode. F5 for Windows 7

  rdave13 23:47 02 Aug 2011

Nope. Depends on the bios not the OS. If you keep tapping F8 whilst starting and you get to the temporary boot selection screen then you can continue tapping F8 and it will eventually bring you to the Advanced Options Menu. If you get the temp boot option using F8 then it's easier to use F5. In the Advanced Options Menu I'd select safe mode without internet connection to do maintenance.

  woodchip 10:36 03 Aug 2011

I can get into my XP Computers using F5 so there must be something wrong with yours

  onthelimit1 11:47 03 Aug 2011

Woodchip - MS say F8, so perhaps yours is the one out of step?

Boot into Safe Mode

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