XP won't recognise SATA hards drives

  Staddly 13:06 25 Apr 2004

My step father has just built his own PC (first timer) and has just swithed on. The problem, he tells me, is that windows XP won't recognise any hard drives when he tries to install it. I think his mobo is an Asus K8V Deluxe and he has connected 2 SATA drives, I think, in a raid configuration. I think the BIOS has recognised one of the drives but Windows does'nt. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am still only an amature just getting to grips with IDE.

  Paperback Writer 13:09 25 Apr 2004

You have to copy the SATA drivers to a floppy disk and press F6 when installing Windows, which will then see the drivers and install them.

  powerless 13:11 25 Apr 2004

You need to install the drivers at Windows Setup.

You press F6...Look out for it when in setup.

Consult the HDD manual or go to the manufacturers website of the HDD for installation instructions...

Example: click here

  pmjd 13:11 25 Apr 2004

You will need to load the drivers for the raid chipset you are using. XP normally asks for them during it's initial bit before the installer kicks in. Some thing like if you have any drivers for custom raid cards press F6 to load driver, at which point you have to insert a floppy with the drivers on them. That should sort ou the problem.

Have you tried swapping the HD's to see if only one is working properly, do both of them power up?

  Staddly 19:40 25 Apr 2004

Thanks guys (or gals). I will pass the info on to my stepfather. Keep 'em coming if there is anything else anyone can think of.
Thanks again.

  GRFT 12:08 26 Apr 2004

For what it's worth I've just installed a single SATA drive on my Asus A7V8X system. Installing two in a RAID configuration will of course be different. After connecting the drive and altering the Fasttrack BIOS settings it was then formatted in the usual way. The OS (Win98se)was then installed. The RAID driver was then installed directly from the installation CD (as instructed in the manual)- ie, not from a floppy. After adjusting the main BIOS to boot from the SCUSI device everything was fine.
Best of luck.

  Staddly 10:34 27 Apr 2004

I will tck this one as resolved as I have not heard from step father so assume he has sorted it. I will come back and post how when we speak again. Thanks for all advice, particularly helpfull link (Powerless). Thanks

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