XP wont recognise Graphics card????

  Fiery251 16:38 03 Jul 2003

First of all, I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who lives about 20 miles away from me. We've been conversing on the phone for most of the afternoon regarding this problem, and although he has a reasonable grasp of PC's, its difficult to actually get across what I mean him to do by phone, so bear with me on this one folks!!!.

His system Spec ( from what little I know ):-

P4 2.6 Ghz
Asus mobo ( dunno what one, but its about 3 months old ).
GeForce 2 64Mb MX
Windows XP
Legacy onboard sound.

Recently, he had problems with XP and his missus decided to reinstall XP.

Ever since then, unbeknown to him, his system has been running using the onboard graphics instead of the GeForce 2. It states in his display properties that the driver he is using is a Generic VGA driver.

The GeForce 2 has not at any time been removed, and It would have appeared to be that it was just a case of installing Det Drivers onto the system to get Windows XP to talk to the GF2.

This he has done. He downloaded the 40.72's and installed them succesfully, rebooted and it still didnt detect the GF2. Its still using the onboard graphics.

Now, this is where I need advice, as my mobo has never had onboard graphics, so I was at a loss as to where to tell him to look now.

Surely, after a reinstall of XP, it wouldnt have ignored the GF2, and simply booted up using Generic GF2 drivers built into XP?.

And again, surely after a reinstall of XP, it wouldnt have affected anything in his BIOS ( i.e. re-enabling onboard graphics)???.

I tried to explain how to go into Safe-mode/enter the BIOS et6c, but he stopped me and said he wouldnt have a clue and would probably just take it into the PC store he bought it from and get them to sort it.
But the problem is begining to annoy me now, and I'd like to hear if anyone can shed any light on it, so I can phone him back later and get him sorted out.

The GF2 was working fine before the reinstall, but now, whenever he tries to play any of his installed games, it tells him there is "not enough video memory", which led us to check Device Manager and Display properties and discover that the GF2 was not being recognised.

Sorry for the long winded post, but if anyone can help out, I would appreciate it.


  Lú-tzé 16:46 03 Jul 2003

My thoughts:

How does he know that it is using the onboard graphics? Have a look at display adaptor within the device manager and see what is there.

A I see it, the fact that it uses the "Generic VGA driver" would suggest that the correct drivers for the graphics card has not been installed.

Tell him to have a look at nvidia site and get the latest drivers from there and install them.

  Fiery251 16:53 03 Jul 2003

He downloaded the 40.72's from the Nvidia site and installed them, but upon restarting, Windows XP did not detect any new hardware and is apparently still using on-board.

In display properties/advanced, there is no tab for the GeForce 2 and under "Adaptor" there is no "Change" option and it lists everything like manufacturer,software version,current files as "Unknown".

Same thing in DxDiag. No mention of Nvidia or GeForce in there either.

  Terrahawk 16:53 03 Jul 2003

for xp you want 44.03 detonator drivers

click here

  barrie_g 17:01 03 Jul 2003

He must be using the GF2 card, as to use the onboard graphics he, or she in the case of his wife, would have had to unplug the monitor from the graphics card and then plugged the monitor in to a D-sub connector on the motherboard.

As I can see of no way in which they would be able to use the onboard graphics chip to decode the signal and then for this to be routed through the graphics card.

  Fiery251 17:03 03 Jul 2003

Yeah, I know they are the latest ones, but I recommended the 40.72's for a blend of performance and stability. 44.03's on a GeForce 2 MX are a little bit of an "overkill".

I did recommend the 30.82's as the most stable Dets, but he downloaded the 40.72's when he couldnt find the 30.82's.

I dont believe it is a simple driver issue. I think its something else. Quite what.......I have no idea.

Thanx for the link anyway.

  Fiery251 17:05 03 Jul 2003

Good point barrie_g.

Didnt think of that one.

I cant understand why, after installing the 40.72's, the card is still not being shown in the Display Properties.

Any ideas why not?.

  Gaz 25 17:06 03 Jul 2003

If still using On-board check your bios FOR primary display adapter and change to PCI or AGP rather than On/Brd

  Fiery251 17:08 03 Jul 2003

After a recent reformat myself, all I had to do was install my 40.72's and reboot, and they appeared as the drivers being used in Display Properties.

Having said that, the default XP compatible Nvidia drivers immediately after reformatting and reinstalling, STILL managed to detect my Graphics card as a GeForce 3 Ti500.

But he has no mention of any GeForce in his Display Properties.Which is very strange.

  Gaz 25 17:12 03 Jul 2003

As I say:

Go into the BIOS, I am sure you know how to.

Then go to Onboard chip features or Advanced BIOS settings, or even Intergrated peripherals.

Then look for Primary Display Adapter, change this to PCI or AGP, NOT On/B!

If still will not work is it mounted correctly?

Is it compatable with the motherboard?

Is it faulty?

Only suggestions I can think of.

  Gaz 25 17:22 03 Jul 2003

Any luck?

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