XP won't let me Format

  osben 12:33 28 Apr 2004


I want to reinstall XP but first I want to format C: drive. When I go to "My Computer" right click on C: drive and then "format" I get the message

""Windows cannot format this drive. Quit any disc utilities or other programs that are using this drive and make sure that no window is displaying the contents of the drive then try formatting again""

I do not have any other utility or program working.

When I had ME and I wanted to format C: drive ready to accept XP there was no problem with doing it. Why now with XP??

Any suggestions on how I can format C: I am pulling my hair out.


  jim1947 12:40 28 Apr 2004

You cannot format your C: drive because it is use running windows. Boot from the XP CD and follow the instruction to format when asked.

  ventanas 12:43 28 Apr 2004

XP is different. You need to boot the machine with the XP cd and follow the onscreen prompts.

Ensure that the computer is set to boot from CD before the hard drive.
Enter the Bios (press Del on boot up) and make any necessary changes.

When computer starts press any key to boot from CD when prompted at bottom of screen
Windows Setup will appear on a blue screen. Allow to run as files load at bottom of screen.
When prompted press enter to set up Windows XP. Press F8 to accept agreement.
Press Esc to install a fresh copy of Windows as per the prompt.
From options at bottom of screen press D to delete the partition and return to confirm.
Press L to activate the deletion.

At the next screen press C to create a new partition. Press enter to set up Windows XP
Choose the file syetm you want. Disc will format.
Sit back and wait.

Sep up will copy installation files (about 5 mins).
Set up will then initialize and computer will restart
Ignore the prompt to boot from CD
XP will install
At the prompt change settings to English (United Kingdom). Also change location to UK.
On the same prompt change Language and Keyboard settings to UK

Enter product key from computer casing

Check date and time and time zone. Change if necessary.

At the next prompt accept Typical Network Settings.

When finished computer will restart (again ignore prompt to boot from CD)
(The CD can be removed when restart complete)


If you just want to format the drive without reloading XP you will need to enter the recovery console instead of installing a new copy of Windows.

  osben 13:35 28 Apr 2004

Thanks for the help. I will give it a go.


  osben 06:41 29 Apr 2004

I have reformatted H/D and reinstalled XP but still seem slow. When I connect to net I also keep getting a message come up about a Remote Proceedure Call in NT Authority\System and the system will shut down in 30 secs ( which it does)

Could it be that now I have updated to XP from ME I need to update my BIOS as well. The system is about 30 months old. Asus A7A266 Socket A Motherboard

Any help is appreciated.

  ventanas 08:24 29 Apr 2004

No. You have caught the Blaster virus. You should have backed up all the Windows updates first so you could restore them before connecting to the internet.

Firsts turn off System Restore. You then need to get of this program click here and run it. Turn SR back on and get the Win Updates, or at least this one click here

You may have to do most of this on another computer because yours will continue to shut down until you clean it.

  ventanas 08:26 29 Apr 2004

There is a command that will let you stay connected long enough to get the update patch, and I'm doing my best to remember it. If I do I'll get back.

  ventanas 08:42 29 Apr 2004

OK. Start\Run and type shutdown -a

This should give you time.

  osben 09:14 29 Apr 2004

Do I take it from your last response that I do ot need to update the BIOS then.

When I reformatted the H/D I assume that I got rid of the virus. I then installed XP and before I did anything else I installed my Anti-visus software and Stinger. I then went on line and straight to the Windows update site and updated windows.

I hope I am not being naive here but surely if I had the anti virus software running the virus would have show up. And how else could I have caught it. I do not seem to be getting the problem with the shutdown now although for some reason when I click on shutdown th shut the computer down I get to the bit where i says it is saving my settings and that is where it stays. It does not shut down.

  ventanas 09:54 29 Apr 2004

I didn't realise that you had a virus before the format. Having AV will not stop Blaster, neither will Stinger, it will remove it, but not prevent it. You have to have the patch from MS installed. If you were online long enough getting the updates, which you probably were, you will get it again. You need to get only the Blaster patch first. When installed you can then get the rest of the updates.

Your description of the symptoms you are getting is definitely Blaster.

I don't really have any idea about your bios, but can say that one of my pc's is a similar age, and used to run ME. I had no need for any update.

  osben 10:04 29 Apr 2004

I have downloaded the blaster repair patch from Microsoft and followed all the instructions. So far today I do not appear to have any problems. So I will keep my fingers crossed. Many thanks for your help.


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