XP Won't boot after trying to copy hard drive,

  mik61ish 22:32 15 May 2008

I tried copying my 40GB hard drive which is getting noisy to another 20GB drive I have as a slave with Paragon Drive copy 8.5, I selected source 40GB to 20GB to save. The system shut down and now it will not reboot, just keeps recycling the black XP screen then shuts down again. I have tried repairing with XP disc fixmbr is there another option with XP repair?

  brundle 22:47 15 May 2008

"I tried copying my 40GB hard drive which is getting noisy" - perhaps you copied the drive just in time. Run manufacturer's diagnostics on it; click here

  brundle 22:47 15 May 2008

Or did it not get as far as the copying stage? Above still applies

  bjh 10:53 16 May 2008

If you have copied the drive, the original drive needs to be disconnected before first boot in many cases of drive copying like this.

If you copy C to D, and then reboot the computer from D while C is still attached, Windows gets hung over which is C and which is D.

Image C to D. Disconnect C physically. The "D" left in will then be recognised as the only, and hence C drive. You can then reattach the original C drive which will be found as D...

  pj123 15:28 16 May 2008

How do you copy 40gb to 20gb?

That's like trying to put a quart into a pint pot?

  Technotiger 15:41 16 May 2008

Perhaps the quart pot is less than half full ?

  pj123 17:38 16 May 2008

Technotiger, well yes that's true but I think I would go for a copy from like to like.

I wouldn't like to try it. I would go for a copy from 40gb to 40gb.

  Diemmess 17:53 16 May 2008

Haven't used Paragon but I go with Technotiger about capacity.
Have a look in my computer > drive C: > Properties
With luck the used space will be <20Gb

Crossing fingers and hoping C: still functions, why not disconnect the data cable from the slave drive and see if the PC boots normally

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