XP and Windows 7 BACK-UPS

  Abel 11:27 18 Feb 2014

I have a laptop running Windows 7 and a desktop running XP. The laptop is backed-up using its own facility in ‘Maintenance’ while XP uses ATI9. Thank goodness I’ve never had to call on the back-ups on either machine. Would it be possible, theoretically, to wipe a drive clean, reformat it, and then install the back-ups kept on an external drive?


  Diemmess 12:03 18 Feb 2014

Yes, though I've never had to do it in out of despair. Acronis works that way too without you having to format or delete a thing. Be careful selecting all the parameters Restore is a one way street.

  Abel 13:06 18 Feb 2014

Thanks Diemmess! I've no doubt you're right. However, I'd hoped that someone who's actually experienced restoring from both systems of back-up to comment.


  Batch 17:36 20 Feb 2014

I've never used W7's backup so can't comment on that.

But using ATI (I use ATI8) to restore in XP is a doddle.

You do not need to wipe the drive partition beforehand as the image restore takes care of that.

I STRONGLY recommend that, if you have not already done so, you create an ATI emergency boot disk (CD) before doing anything else.

You can restore non-system partitions from within Windows. You can also kick off the restore of a system partition (i.e your C: drive) from within Windows and ATI will tell you that it needs to reboot to do the restore and will then boot into its own non-windows shell. Personally I always restore using the emergency boot disk (which also uses the non-windows shell) anyhow. A very good reason for creating the emergency boot disk is that if a restore of the system partition craps out part way through, you won't be able to try again without an emergency boot disk.

You can always go through the initial stages of setting up a restore without hitting confirm on the final screen. That will give you a feel for how it works.

In doing a restore you need to bear in mind that ALL of the information on the partition is overwritten (OS, PGMS, Documents etc. etc. etc.).

  john bunyan 17:43 20 Feb 2014

"In doing a restore you need to bear in mind that ALL of the information on the partition is overwritten (OS, PGMS, Documents etc. etc. etc.)."

Which is why I keep OS, Programmes on one partition using ATI to back up images, and data on another to make mirror copies using Freefilesynch or SynchToy (Much quicker)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:47 20 Feb 2014

Done both.

XP using ATI9 and rescue disk restore My C: drive partition in 20 mins after a beta test of Norton 360 wrecked my system partition.

Win 7 back up onto a new drive, for a mate whose laptop HDD failed, took a little longer.

Thought ATI was the simplest to do

  Abel 12:12 22 Feb 2014

Thanks to you all, I shall feel a lot happier should the event occur. For the time being though and keeping my fingers crossed, I shall close the topic.


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