jimbo24168 19:03 13 Feb 2003

Unfortunately I upgraded from Win2000 to xp prof. However my 400mhz laptop is really not powerful enough for this. Can anyone tell me how to go back to win2000 without losing any of my other installed programs. I cannot back everything up to a cd-r

  spikeychris 19:13 13 Feb 2003

If you want to remove Windows XP and return to Windows 2K, you will unfortunately have to reinstall Windows 2K. Restart your computer in Safe mode, and then back up all of your critical data before you reinstall Windows 2K. If you were reverting to 98 or ME then life would be a lot easier..


  wullie1 19:15 13 Feb 2003

when you upgraded to xp just go to add remove and uninstall xp as your system will have been backed up , i have xp on a amd 450mhz laptop and it works fine you must have at least 64k ram
for xp and about 1.3gb hd

  spikeychris 19:21 13 Feb 2003

That doesn't work with Win2K...


  wullie1 19:23 13 Feb 2003

i stand corrected thank you spikeychris

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